Prescription – SKIN INTERVENTION (10ML/15ML)


Prescription – SKIN INTERVENTION (10ML/15ML)

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Every moment of life reveals different needs for the skin. CODAGE Paris decodes them and brings together in the SKIN INTERVENTION prescription the ready-to-wear care routine that precisely meets the needs of your skin during an abrasive cosmetic procedure (peeling, laser, injection …). This treatment prepares your skin upstream, then repairs it at the end of the ritual to guarantee health, beauty and efficiency. This prescription contains 4 treatments: 1. Prepare MICRO-PEELING MASK – 15 ml Exfoliating, Brightening & Anti-aging In order to make the aesthetic treatment more effective, the skin must be rid of dead cells and impurities as much as possible. Used once or twice a week upstream, the Micro-Peeling Mask will optimize the effect of the treatment to come (peeling, laser …) and make the skin more receptive, to guarantee an even more uniform and radiant complexion. 2. Act Serum SKIN RECOVERY – 10 ml Ultimate Skin Care Serum # 01 – 10 ml Intense Hydration Once the skin is purified, it must then be deeply nourished. The 2 or 3 days following the abrasive cosmetic procedure, the serum SKIN RECOVERY used morning and evening repairs, soothes and regenerates your weakened skin. Then, used in the evening, this powerful skin regeneration booster makes your complexion even more uniform and bright. In addition, in the morning, the SERUM N ° 01 – Intense Moisturizing – nourishes deeply and on the surface dry skin to fill it with moisture. 3. Protect NIGHT CREAM – 15ml Nourishing, Anti-aging & Detoxifying Once the sera are absorbed, the skin must be protected morning and evening by the Night Cream